Welcome to TradeFlags!

Hello Dear Trader & Investor,

I want to thank you for visiting TradeFlags. We have only registered this site a week ago! The system is up and running but bear with us while we are very busy adding new features and expanding our universe of flags for you.

How does it work?

The TradeFlagsRobo monitors signals on 1947 underliers for you, every day, throughout the day, at the corresponding end-of-day of the underlier markets.
If there is a signal triggered it will get flagged to you in Twitter, Facebook & StockTwits and posted on this website. Simply follow @TradeFlags, or connect using Facebook or check the site. You can also visit our discord chatroom #tradeflags.

Our list of flags comprises a range of indicators from short-term technical indicators, medium-term algorithmic indicators to long-term investment strategies. We also include daily & weekly updates on Global Indicators giving You an idea on how the market is behaving, whether we are entering a bullish or bearish phase. We split the Global Indicators into their specific regions and also offer the Global view across all underliers.

For a list of flags we monitor for you daily click

List of flags

Also have a look at the range of underliers we monitor for you

List of Underliers.

The current schedule is

6.15 AM UTC Australian Market
8.15 AM UTC Asian Markets
16.15 AM UTC European Markets
20.15 AM UTC US Market

If all of this makes little sense to you start by reading the About section.

If you still have questions get in touch with us and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook & StockTwits, or leave a comment.

Your @TradeFlags Team